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"It's Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air"


cffamily time is always impor

tant, especially at Christma

Cfhristmas tVime isC very family orientated and the classic image of a Christmas day is the Some elderly people may spend the Christmas holidays on their own due to physical reasons or becuse they have a small family who live far away. It is important to make sure that your elderly loved one is included in the Christmas holiday festivities because it minimises loneliness and reduces stress, promoting better physical and mental health.

To help include your elderly loved one in the Christmas festivities, here are some activities you could do with them to help them out in the days leading up to Christmas and on Christams day.


Watching films is a great way to lower stress levels amoung seniors because they can focus on spending time with you.


Cooking a Christmas dinner can be overwhelming for anyone, but it can be extra stressful for those who are elderly with decreased mobility. Christmas is meant to be enjoyable, not exhausting, so it might be a good idea to eat at a restaurant for Christmas dinner.


A Christmas activity that elderly people may struggle to do on their own is wrapping Christmas presents. Some elderly people's hands can become stiff and painful, especially when intricately folding lots of presents. Offer to sit down and help them out, giving your assistance where needed.

It is important to still give them some independence and not completely take over the task.

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