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We have the delicate touch to ensure that you receive the home care services you deserve.

Home care, sometimes also called care at home or domiciliary care, is where a Care Assistant or Community Support Worker visits someone in their own home to look after them. This might be for just a short time after coming out of hospital or while a relative is away, or it might be a long-term arrangement.

When someone needs a lot of extra support, care homes (sometimes called residential care, nursing or residential homes) are often the first thought. However, this can be a distressing decision and it’s not always necessary. Care at home can be a great alternative to moving to a care home.

In many cases Community Support Workers can help people to stay independent in their own homes, even if there’s a diagnosis of dementia or significant mobility issues.

Care at home can range from a short visit occasionally to offer a bit of help with medication or housework, all the way up to full-time live-in care.

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